Email Delivery Issues 2 days ago

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We are currently investigating issues when sending emails on our free hosting service. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and hope to have these issues resolved shortly.

PHP Document Root and Remote Address Superglobal Issues 3 days ago

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We are aware of the issues on xo1, xo2, and xo3 regarding the document_root and remote_address PHP Superglobals returning the wrong data. We’re working on identifying the root cause of the issue, and testing, then deploying a fix for it. We thank you for your patience.

[Resolved] XO3 4 days ago


We are implementing further changes to XO3 at this time, this may cause some brief outages as we restart services and apply changes.  This post will be updated when we complete our changes.

Update (10/16/2014 6:00 Eastern): We have located a memory leak with Apache caused by a specially crafted URL.  We are working on a patch and will be applying it shortly.  We will update again once this is in and tested.

Update: We have completed maintenance on XO3, it should be running per usual.

[Resolved] 503 Update 5 days ago

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We have seen a decrease in the amount of 503 errors being reported on the server since the changes went live last night, however we’re still working on fixing the root problem.  We are in the process of implementing some additional changes over the next couple of hours that will further reduce these errors.  Please hold off on further reports until this post is updated.

Update: The maintenance this morning has been completed.  The cause of the 503 error on the xo3 server is still under investigation, but a temporary work around has been established in the mean while.  The recent errors on the xo2 server are anticipated to be fully resolved.

If you are receiving an HTTP 500 error on your website at this time it is most likely due to invalid an Apache server directive in a .htaccess file for your website (i.e., syntax error).  Please note that .htaccess files affect all children directories, too.  We recommend that you temporarily rename any .htaccess files while investigating a syntax error, this will help you to rule out the problem quickly.  If you have any questions please post on our community support forum.